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Louise Harvey


ISHQ, Divine Music for the Animated Imagery of Islam is a visual and aural journey of the human soul, through its genesis in the heavens, its journey through earthly life and the distractions of earthly desires, its descent into the underworld and its deliverance into the afterlife as it arrives ‘home’ once again. It was created using the following software: Autodesk Maya, After Effects, Trapcode Particular, Mandelbulb 3D, Apophysis. The animated content was created for display as an installation piece in the foyer of the Conservatorium of Music Griffith University (Brisbane Australia). The music content was provided by one of the lecturers of the conservatorium, Dr Kim Cunio. He had created the music earlier, to accompany an exhibition of Islamic Art, and had suggested that I use this music to inspire and accompany the animation. ISHQ means love; love for the creator and for all things. ISHQ is sacred and secular, masculine and feminine, musical and visual. It is hoped that the viewer finds peace, beauty and love for all things in this marriage of music and animation: ISHQ, Divine Music for the Animated Imagery of Islam.